Birth Stories

As my little boy was placed into my arms, I felt such a rush of relief…his first cry and my partner saying that he was perfect was the best feeling in the world. It had been a long road to this point… years of endometriosis, infertility, and miscarriage. Hundreds of needles and endless heartbreak had all resulted in something amazing.

My pregnancy was very uneventful and went smoothly, I enjoyed feeling him move inside me and imagining what he was like, and what he would be like.

During my last consultant appointment, they suggested I had a planned C-Section as my placenta was quite low. I happily agreed as this was something I had already wanted.

The day of my section was thrown into disappointment as now Covid had hit and I wasn’t allowed anyone in the hospital with me. My partner was allowed just in for the birth which totalled one hour and then he had to leave.

The section itself was amazing, I went down to the theatre at 9 am and my son was born at 9.10! All the staff were lovely and even let me take down the drapes so I could see what was happening. We had music playing and that made me feel very calm.

I stayed in recovery for about 30 minutes whilst they checked all my levels, which were fine. I was back on the ward and up having a shower by 2 pm that day. I took my dressing off my scar and gave it a good wash. It felt SO good having my catheter out and washing off. I was surprised by the lack of pain I had and the ease of getting around. I was able to get in and out of bed easily and pick up my baby.

Those hours were lovely just me and him in the hospital, getting to know each other well. He was a good feeder and latched well quickly. Now I look back on it, I take not being able to have visitors as a positive as the whole experience was very relaxing.

I was allowed out the next day and it felt like I had barely had surgery! The scar was slightly tight for a week or so, but after a week I almost felt back to normal!

Six months later I felt a little off and didn’t think anything of it. A visit to a friend suggested I could be pregnant, and I shrugged it off. I took a test that evening and was so shocked to see two lines!

I was so happy that we had the chance to have another baby as we didn’t think we would ever get the chance!

The pregnancy progressed well and we decided to keep the sex a surprise as the whole thing had been such a surprise!

I knew I wanted another planned section as I had such a positive experience with my first. It turned out this baby was breech and I didn’t decide to try and turn them as I was going to have another section.

The second section went just as well as the first! I was so excited to find out the sex and was so shocked and happy when my partner announced it was a little girl! I felt so blessed to have one of each.

The next day I was up and about and was able to go home. It has definitely been a challenge having two 15 months apart, but I’m forever grateful that I get to have that challenge.

Thank you so much Jenny for sharing your story.

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