Birth Stories

Pregnancy shock!

I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd at 4 weeks, I was so happy, but also didn’t think it was true. I did 11 tests and had 3 private scans before my 12 week scan just because my anxiety was so bad. I didn’t believe it was true! I didn’t have many symptoms being pregnant, with my girl I was so sick but with this baby I was fine. I’m only tiny (6stone) so we knew the baby would be small, so had to have growth scans near the end to make sure the baby was ok. My first baby was only 5lbs 9, so they wanted to check.

Contractions start…

Around 9:30pm on the 4th of October 2020 I started getting contractions with my third baby. It was so intense and as it’s my third I thought this baby will be coming soon, so I went to the hospital to get checked. They sent me home as the contractions weren’t close enough. So home I went and I said to my partner I won’t make it back to the hospital (I knew how quick my labour progresses) a couple of hours later I was still in massive pain and wanted to push, at this point I was laying on the sofa, trying not to push but I had so much urge so my partner called the ambulance which they were talking him threw what to do.

“a ball of water popped all over my sofa”

This was my partner’s first baby so he was shocked at what was happening. I tried not to push but I had to, thinking it was the head, but it wasn’t. It was my waters, a ball of water popped all over my sofa! I was still in a lot of pain with the contractions and then needed to push again. At this point the ambulance still wasn’t there but I had to push, the phone control lady was talking to my partner threw what he had to do, he placed towels under me by this point and talked to me to keep me calm, there was quite a bit of blood I was losing, I touched down below and see blood on my hands, within half an hour of me pushing the paramedics turns up, then I felt relief I could let myself go and push, I had one left pushing against the paramedic’s shoulder, wanting this baby out to make sure he was safe. Within 15 mins of them arriving I pushed my baby’s head out and then the rest of his beautiful body. I didn’t have any pain relief as I have a phobia of needles. 

An unexpected homebirth…

At 02:34 on the 5th of October, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Arloe weighing 7lbs 2ounces. Next came the afterbirth. I had the injection to help my afterbirth come out, I felt the injection hurt more than the labour. The paramedic pushed on my stomach to help the after contraction pain whilst I was easing the placenta out. Luckily I didn’t need to go to the hospital. I never wanted a home birth but honestly, I’m so glad I did give birth at home. I felt being in the comfort of your home after going threw so much was like a breath of fresh air. I’m quite a loud person but every single birth I’ve had I don’t talk, I don’t scream, I do nothing. I’m silent, just wanting to get the baby out. Using all of my energy on pushing, saving my energy for the baby. 

“I look back and I am so proud of myself!”

After I gave birth I struggled more this time than my others. I was trying to breastfeed, I was determined to do it as I wasn’t able too with my other 2. My Nipples bled every time, cracked and were in a lot of pain. I felt depressed about failing again, emotional and tired and ended up having a breakdown at an appointment at the hospital. Then I tried the baby on a formula which made him have constipation so I ended up pumping, every 2 hours every night, every day, it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life – blood sweat and tears but 1 year later I stopped and I look back and I am so proud of myself! Having a baby is difficult, the no sleep, not knowing what to do when your baby is crying, even after 2 other children I was still shocked at how hard it is but also so rewarding. Don’t pressure yourself, take each day as it comes, and enjoy every moment.

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