If you’re reading this, you might be heading towards your due date and are frantically washing and rewashing all your baby clothes in non-bio, organising books in the nursery and cleaning things you didn’t even realise got dirty – all in preparation for your new arrival!

There’s one thing that is always asked, especially during the end is “have you got your hospital bag packed yet?”. Whether you’re super organised and packed this straight away or you’re weeks away and haven’t started yet we want to say – don’t panic, we have you covered. From the essentials to the small tips which will make your life as easy as possible, we have thought of everything that we found really useful when we had babies not so long ago.

First tip, pack way more than you actually need. You never know how long you will actually spend in the hospital and you never want to be stuck without or making your partner make endless trips home and back for anything.

Secondly, pack for both natural birth AND caesarean. You’ll never know if your birth plan may slightly change and if a c-section is needed, it will put your mind at ease to know you have everything you need in all scenarios.

Last tip, if you’re open to pain relief be sure to mention this to your midwife in your last checkups and when you arrive at the hospital as they can start the process of getting these sooner rather than later during your labour.

Now, the list! These are all things we found helpful when we had our littles ones and we encourage you to print this out, get highlighting and start ticking things off as you go!


  • Large sanitary pads
  • Dressing gown
  • Towels
  • Slippers/flip flops
  • Comfy going-home outfit
  • Nursing bras link
  • Bikini (if having a water birth)
  • Breast pads (reusable pads are longer lasting and more sustainable) link
  • Extra pillow
  • Front opening nightie/pjs
  • High waisted-knickers (important to get high-waisted in case of c-section cut)
  • Baby grows & outfits
  • Hat
  • Mittens
  • Nappies (depending on your baby’s expected weight, bring two sizes just in case)
  • Water wipes (midwives always recommend using water wipes at beginning of birth so there is no risk of reaction) link
  • Blankets (ideally breathable blankets like the one your great auntie has knitted, babies cannot regulate their own body temperature therefore knitted blankets are perfect)
  • Muslin clothes (these become your new best friend)
  • Wash bag
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Hair-brush
  • Lip balm (gas & air can really dry out your lips)
  • Deodorant
  • Hair ties
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Body wash (perfume free)
  • Nipple cream (if planning to breastfeed) link
  • Water bottle (one with straw)link
  • Lucozade (really good for drinking in labour to keep your energy up)
  • Extra long phone charger (nothing more frustrating than having to reach over for your phone by the bedside plug)
  • Perineal bottle (recommended by many mothers after natural birth to ease the sting of urinating) link
  • Spritz the bits (also recommended for pain after natural birth) link
  • Snacks & healthy food

You got this mama!

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