It’s in a mother’s nature to “nest” before her baby is due to arrive, this means you might be up at midnight cleaning the skirting boards or placing another order online for yet more nappies! There is no doubt that your baby will have everything it needs when they’re finally here but as mother’s ourselves, we thought we’d share some items which we found really useful in the newborn stage.

Below items can be great gifts to you if you’re having a baby shower!


  • Mittens (baby’s nails can be quite long and sharp and mittens avoid them scratching their perfect little faces!)
  • Caddy (this will be your saving grace especially if you decide to breastfeed. Fill with energy bars, water bottle, nipple pads, nipple cream, muslin cloths, books, magazines to keep you entertained and fuelled whilst feeding babe) link
  • Changing mat (we recommend getting one of these rather than a table as your little one will soon be rolling around and will need to be changed on a low surface/floor eventually) link
  • Baby grows (as many as you can get your hands on! Little outfits are so cute but realistically don’t stay on for very long and are tricky to change. Good old fashioned onesies with zips/poppers are a must!)
  • White noise maker (newborns sleep really well to white noise and there’s gadgets out there which give you lots of different settings and sounds to cater to your baby) link
  • Baby bath sponge (if you’re planning on bathing your baby in the tub, then this bath sponge is great for letting your baby relax in the water under constant supervision) link
  • Colic relief drops (each baby is different but colic is very common so it’s great to be prepared and make your baby as comfortable as possible by getting this beforehand) link
  • Nappy rash cream (a baby’s first poos can be quite acidic and might leave him/her feeling uncomfortable or in a rash) link
  • Baby wipes (of course we wouldn’t get very far without them! It’s your choice which brand you would like to use however water wipes are midwife recommended as they’re all natural and no risk of skin irritation) link
  • High contrast imagery books (high contrast images are really good for babies development at a very early age, these can be introduced as early as a few weeks as they begin to see shapes) link
  • Owlet smart sock (this isn’t essential by any means however it is total peace of mind that your little one is happy and healthy during their sleeps. It’s a very safe electronic sock which measures oxygen levels and heart rate and readings are sent to a mobile app. Mumma can enjoy her pamper evening knowing baby is absolutely okay) link

We hope this helps! You got this mama!

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